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I am now able to offer this exciting new addition to my ever growing list of product lines. You can now have your loved ones, pets, friends, favourite places etc. put onto high quality canvas then stretched or put into a frame of your choice.To do this, all I require is a photo, print, slide, memory stick or disc (with the detail of which picture to be used!) and that's it! I do the rest!.The finished product has that lovely textured feel and look of a hand painted picture. The colours are vibrant and when using black and white and sepia photos the effects are stunning.This is for all occasions. weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, or just as a thank you...the list is endless and a thoughtful, personal way to give a gift. This is NOT just for the home though. Businesses can also benefit from this proccess. First impressions always count and what better way than having a canvas hanging in the boardroom or managing directors office!? Contact me here for details and competetive pricing.

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It is recommended that a high resolution top quality photograph is needed to get the best results for this process.